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AI-Matching Tools

By using our machine learning approaches, we match your startup with the right influencers who can bring maximum impact to your business.​

Flash Match

We match you to the right micro-influencers in no time. All you have to do is to list out your preferences and let our algorithm take care of the rest.


By using our platform, you will have the benefits in tracking the performance of your products and your matched influencers in respective social media.

Market Relevance

Our platform not only advertise your products or services, but also provides feedback about your products from the influencers and find the right target market for you.


Our community is made up of amazing and active friends and families. We believe in quality rather than quantity.


With our platform, you never have to worry if the influencers are having fake followers or bots. Our tool will eliminate all the suspicious influencer's account. This will lead to more authentic leads for your product.

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